Posted by: karlrobinstevenson | July 4, 2015

A Bit More…

I thought I should add a few things.

Water. For the most part, water and camping places are available at reasonably convenient intervals. One place where water might be a problem is where the Bedwell Centennial Trail joins the old logging road, downstream from the Living Bridge. There is a possible camping place here (not particularly pleasant, but flat) but water may not be available. The old road is washed out here, and the creek in the washout is dry. However, there’s often water upstream in pools where the creek crosses bedrock.

Usually, I’ve carried one litre between spots where water is available, and it’s been enough for me; perhaps not for others. In present conditions, in doubtful spots, it may be advisable to carry two litres.

Brush, salmon berries. The old road downstream from the Living Bridge is easy to follow, but it’s never been brushed out. There are also two fairly major washouts where it’s necessary to negotiate the washouts and return to the old roadbed. This section of road is somewhat nasty, but not too long. (I don’t really remember, but perhaps an hour or so?)

For those hiking up from the ocean, it’s important not to miss the left turn onto the old roadbed and into the salmon berries some distance after crossing the Gayle McGee Bridge. After crossing the bridge there’s a short section of trail, then a fairly well defined road. The road continues on and eventually turns downhill. If you get to where the road turns downhill, you’ve gone too far, the turnoff is behind you. The turnoff is usually marked by a ribbon or two in an area where the defined road is still trending upward. The old road should be visible as an avenue of sorts through the alders, and is fairly level where it leads away from the well defined road you are leaving. The park boundary is some distance along the old road, marked by a sign.

I hope this is reasonably clear and helpful. Good luck and best wishes, Karl.


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